Frequently asked questions

Here are some common questions about Flockwatch.

My Flock

What is Flockwatch?

Flockwatch is a brand new sheep management app allowing sheep farmers to take control of their flock in a simple to use app. Flockwatch allows farmers to record everything from their lambing, breeding, weighing, medicine records & more highlighting the best & worst performing ewes in order to make better decisions & become more profitable.

How can I get the Flockwatch app?

New customers

1. Download the Herdwatch App

2. Select “Sheep” to access Flockwatch.

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Flockwatch and Herdwatch screen

Animals added

All animals entered into the Flockwatch app are added to your flock. This slider shows how many animals you have added so far.



Bluetooth Icon

Click the Bluetooth icon to connect your EID reader.



Menu icon

Click here to open the menu. You can switch to the Herdwatch app here, change settings and perform a backup & sync.



Menu icon

Click here to open the menu. You can switch to the Flockwatch app here, change settings and perform a backup & sync.



Big Orange button

Click here to open the action drawer – your go-to location for recording anything on your animals.



My Flock

Click here to view and edit all animals you have added to Flockwatch.



Tile sections

These tiles contain records of all the information you have added to Flockwatch.


Frequently asked questions

How will Flockwatch help me on my farm?

Flockwatch will allow you to track flock performance and health individually or in groups in one simple to use app.

Flockwatch will allow rapid capture of lambing, breeding, weighing, medicines records and more. The Flockwatch app will highlight the best and worst-performing ewes in order to make better decisions for the following season.

Will Flockwatch cover me for my compliance?

Flockwatch will allow you to keep records of all medicine purchases, feed purchases, animal treatments & paddock records through the app. The app will then create compliance reports.

When it comes to farm assurance audits you will just have to simply send these reports to your email through the app & print them for your auditor.

How will I get my sheep into the app?

You can get your sheep into Flockwatch two ways:

Simple EID reader integration

If you have an EID reader, you can simply integrate it with Flockwatch & scan your flock into the app in a matter of minutes. As soon as you scan your sheep with your reader the sheep profile will come into Flockwatch.

Manually create your sheep

If you do not have an EID reader you can create your sheep manually in the Flockwatch app. Simply click the orange plus button select “Create Animal” and follow the steps to create your sheep profile.

Do I need an EID reader to use Flockwatch?

You will be able to create individual animals and records as well as groups without using an EID reader. The reader will just simplify getting your sheep into the app and make batch medicine recording a quicker task.

You can find more information on choosing and connecting EID readers further down this page.

Is there a max number of tags I can scan into a group/record?

No. You will be able to add as many sheep to each group/record when using the reader.

Lambing specific queries

What is the lambing number?

The number assigned to each ewe and her lambs as she gives birth. (normally sprayed onto the mother and her lambs to ID them).

Do I have to tag my lambs at birth?

No. Each lambing event created will ask you for a ‘Lambing Number’ this is the number you spray on the ewe and lamb(s).

Ideally you will tag and scan the tags of the lambs before the spray wears off so that all the information on the lamb can be kept.

Do I have to enter my sire on the lamb?

No. The sire and sire breed are optional fields that can be filled in if you wish to keep this information on the lamb for personal use.

Why are my lambs numbers appearing as #3/2?

This is a combination of the lambing number (matched to the ewe) and the lamb number from that ewe. This lambs sibling would be #3/1.

Technical queries

How can I update my flock profile numbers?

  1. Open the home screen
  2. Select the three lines in the top left hand corner of the screen
  3. Select settings
  4. Select flock at the top of the page
  5. Edit your flock numbers and save

Will I need an electronic weigh head to do my weight recording?

No. You will not, The app will allow you to scan the EID tag with a reader as the sheep are on the scales and will give you a section where you can type in the weights.

Can I add a smart list?

No. Smart lists are set by default. You can however create and edit groups if the smart lists provided don’t satisfy all your needs.

What if I double scan a ewe while creating a group?

If a tag is double scanned the app will only add one of them into the group you are creating.

EID reader queries

What is an EID reader?

An EID reader is an electronic scanner that delivers information about your livestock rapidly, by reading electronic ear tags on animals.

How close does my EID reader have to be to the phone to stay connected?

Each brand of EID reader will vary when it comes to the Bluetooth range. However we recommend keeping the reader a maximum of 5 meters from your phone to ensure connectivity is not lost.

What EID reader would you recommend?

Feedback from our members has indicated that the best way of choosing a reader is to base it on the handling system you have for your animals:

  • If you mostly handle your animals in a race, the Allflex LPR pocket reader is a great choice for ease of set-up, practicality and cost.

  • If you usually handle them in an open pen, the Agrident AWR250 has a better range for picking up the EID tags if the animals are moving around.

Connecting an Allflex LPR to Flockwatch

Allflex LPR

  • Open the app and turn on the reader.
  • Hit the Bluetooth button in the top right-hand corner of the app.
  • Press ‘Pair new device’ and select LPR.

Connecting an Agrident AWR250 and 300 to Flockwatch

 Agrident AWR250 and 300

  • Press ‘Green Enter Button’ to turn on the reader
  • Open the Flockwatch app and press the ‘Bluetooth Button
  • Wait for the ‘AWR250’ option to pop up under the Select An Accessory screen (This may take a few mins) Then press on it.

Tip – While waiting on the AWR250 option to pop up, keep the reader on by pressing some of the buttons.

  • Once selected a pin will be displayed on both the phone and the reader.
  • Pair the devices by pressing ‘Pair’ on your phone and ‘Preform Pairing’ on the wand.
  • Devices should now be paired and ready to start creating animals on the app.

Connecting a True-Test SR2 and XRS2 to Flockwatch

True-Test SRS2 and XRS2

  • Turn on reader
  • Go to settings on reader
  • Go to Bluetooth
  • Go to search for device
  • In-app press the Bluetooth button in the top right-hand corner
  • Pair new device (Wait for SRS2/XRS2 to show up).

Note:  You do not need to have the True Test app to use Flockwatch. You will only need the Herdwatch/Flockwatch app. This will link directly to the reader and you can start creating records from there.

General queries

Who will have access to my information?

All the information logged on the app will be securely stored and backed up to our cloud. The information stored on it will only be accessible to you and anybody who has access to your account.

Can I avail of a free trial?

There is a 90 day free trial available to any new customers. This will give you full access to all Flockwatch features for 30 days.

Flockwatch Customer Support

If you have a question that was not answered on this page, contact us via the Message Centre in the app or email Flockwatch using the button below and one of our experts will be glad to help.

We have also prepared some helpful ‘How To’ articles on our customer support site that can be accessed through the app or by clicking the button below.